Classical Chinese Medicine Oath
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Classical Chinese Medicine Oath

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The Classical Chinese Medicine Oath written in the 6th century by Sun Simiao, China’s King of Medicine, continues to be read and recited by Classical Chinese Medicine students all over the world. It is an ancient oath of inspiration and beckons the true spirit of healing. Dr. Hilary Costello has combined Chinese characters representing the meaning of the oath with symbolic Chinese animals and plants to represent the strength and power of Chinese Medicine.

The dragon symbolizes supernatural force, represents strength, and is the highest auspicious image of Chinese art. The chrysanthemum flower represents virtue and longevity. The pearl signifies the treasure the dragon brings. The phoenix is a legendary and divine bird that was formed with the essence extracted from the five Chinese elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth). The rose represents peace and tranquility in all seasons in heaven and on earth. The tiger symbolizes passion and integrity. It is the king of all animals and signifies power and majesty. Bamboo is an auspicious plant representing longevity and nobility. The fish represents abundance and wealth. Water symbolizes purity and the power to heal. Lastly, the lotus flower is a multi-cultural symbol of harmony, love, and life long union between man and woman. The lotus is considered a holy symbol of enlightenment.

The beauty and symbolic nature of this print combines elements of art, education, and ancient medical wisdom into one art piece for the enjoyment of patients and physicians alike.

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